Danielle Mass - Director of Command Center Operations, Safety and Security

Danielle Mass, oversees security initiatives and operational protocols for the Authority. These critical responsibilities support the Authority’s overall mission to maintain and operate the crossings of the Hudson River entrusted to its jurisdiction for the economic and social benefit of the people of the state. 
Ms. Mass joined NYSBA in 2017 as the Deputy Chief of Staff and has since advanced on to various opportunities to grow her knowledge across the different teams within the organization, most recently leading the Authority’s Command Center and Security departments to ensure efficiency and excellence in public service. Additionally, Ms. Mass has worked to secure federal funds for several of the Authority’s security initiatives and was integral in implementing operational and security protocols during the Authority’s transition to cashless tolling. She also played a vital role in ensuring employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Ms. Mass brings extensive management expertise to NYSBA, having previously enjoyed a career in New York City as a Media Executive in the online advertising space.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from the University at Albany.